You don’t have to be Jewish (or unemployed)to join Jews Without Jobs

I know the video said you have to not be working, but really all you need is a sense of humor and time on your hands. And if  you’re reading this you already meet the second requirement. So my guess is either you’re unemployed, or not too happy with the work you’re doing. Who needs another Blog? You tell me: Jews Without Jobs began many years ago as a non-organization. I was sitting sipping a cappucino, whining to a friend about something or other that felt incredibly important. I realized that here we were, two 40 something guys who’d been granted the material good fortune to be sitting around in the middle of the day drinking coffee. I’d been able to retire early, spend time with my family and still I managed to complain. Jews Without Jobs was born. Flash forward more years than I’d like to remember, and the world is upside down. People whose lives have been defined by the paths they’ve chosen suddenly find themselves victims to the Great Meltdown of 2008. Whether unemployed, or simply having lost their 401k’s, it’s a new ballgame. And who, I thought, knows better than we Jews about how to be a victim. And there have been more than a few over the years who’ve been able to make light of a situation they can’t control. The irony is we can control nothing but our attitude. And those who feel themselves powerless to change their external situation sometimes are able to not take it all too seriously.

Jews certainly have no corner on suffering or on not taking themselves so seriously. So there’s no need to be Jewish, or even to be unemployed to join. The only requirement to join Jews Without Jobs is that you whine alot, find yourself feeling a victim of circumstance, maybe that things are just a bit beyond your control, or that there’s something really cool just over the hill.

So tell me your stories: Think about how the economy or other events have affected you but see if you can find some way to shed a little lightness on your story. We’re all in this leaky boat together, and paddling as fast as we can. No need to prove anything to anyone; in fact the award will go to the one  most able to see a way to not take it all so seriously. We’ll review all the stories and select the “winner.” What you win will require me actually going out an doing something, so I can’t guarantee you an official Jews Without Jobs t-shirt, or anything equally valuable. But trust me, I have good intentions. The only rule is no whining!!!

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5 Responses to “You don’t have to be Jewish (or unemployed)to join Jews Without Jobs”

  1. Peter the Schmuck Says:

    Oy, what a terrible idea. I don’t mean to whine: I do mean to wine. Have another glass, right now, and not that disgusting kosher stuff we have to drink at Passover. But, really, jewswithoutjobs. Aren’t we the chosen race and therefore invincible. We may resting at the moment, but without jobs, come on. In fact I have been resting for a year and a half now. Believe me, I am feeling very rested, and the EDD don’t seem to feel that I deserve any more handouts from the state for some inexplicable reason. So let’s not feel sorry for ourselves and certainly let’s not whine – heaven forbid – whine? No, no, no. Oh OK, maybe I feel just a little sorry for myself, but that’s only because I have such a vast array of talents and nobody seems to want any of them. Don’t get me started. In fact, before I get started I think I’ll finish. But if you happen to know of anybody looking to employ a brilliant Jewish guy, (aren’t we all – brilliant that is, not Jewish?) let me know.

  2. Courtenay Says:

    I’m Jewish. Have survived two rounds of layoffs at work even though I had the least seniority (survivor guilt) but those of us left after the downsizing got across the board pay cuts so now I’m even more broke than usual. My lifelong profession (newspaper journalism) is very nearly obsolete so at 40-something years old I gotta figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Haven’t got a clue. I’ll pretty much take any job I can find that lets me keep my clothes on, and that last point is negotiable if I lose 30 pounds and it pays enough. Have you noticed that in the Internet age, you don’t get rejection letters from recruiters anymore? Your application just gets sucked into a cosmic black hole, never seen or heard from again.

  3. tony wolff Says:

    It’s just a question if getting employment includes getting paid!!!! Sometimes all that’s left is a sense of humor. Yours is intact. Nurture it.

  4. Cynthia Says:

    Well, I have the topper – I’m a single Jewish unemployed mom with a hormonally dysfunctional teen in the house. I get no help from the x-spouse and currently on unemployment and food stamps. Hey, at least I could throw a major dinner party with all my friends and toss the bill to the government! I’m a former Spanish teacher, but with all the people in L.A. who already speak Spanish, who needs lessons? I was laid off in 2008 from a teaching position and then the economy tanked and I was not able to be rehired. If I knock on doors in my neighborhood with a sign that reads ” Give me a job and I’ll keep you in free groceries all year” would that be an option? I’m thinking of starting a group therapy session called ‘whiners anonymous’ but it will never get non-profit status-
    Another one bites the dust- Owww

    • tony wolff Says:

      Well believe it or not, from my POV, you still have your sense of humor…it may be gallows humor but take it!

      i once knew a guy who lost everything in a Ponzi scheme…He went and volunteered at a children’s cancer ward, just to be with people worse off than him….

      keep the faith…If nothing else you’ve motivated me to post to the blog again

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